BMMSoft UDAS: The World's First Unified Big Data Solution

  • UDASon VCE Vblock

    UDAS stores up to 30 PB of SQL and Big Data in single enterprise-grade SQL Solution...

    BMMsoft UDAS proven technology combined with VCE Vblock Converged Infrastructure offers industry’s first Converged Analytic Platform that stores, indexes and analyzes up to 30 PB (30,000TB) of data using standard SQL, R, jdbc/odbc, java, NoSQL and other popular interfaces.

  • UDASSolution

    ...using Massively Scalable, Fast, Real-Time UDAS SW and Converged Infrastructure...

    Single UDAS Model 1006 loads and indexes 3 PB of data per day in real-time with average compression ratio of over 7:1, often over 100 times. Federated UDAS is a scale-out solution that links dozens of UDAS system to increase data scalability, loading speed and query speed linearly.

  • UDASAnalytics

    ... to analyze Enterprise and Big Data in single DB using SQL and R ...

    Most organizations create separate "silos" for Enterprise Data and Big Data which makes cross-analysys nearly impossible. With UDAS, users can use SQL, "R", MDX, Java, C++, jdbc/odbc and all existing Enterprise analytic and reporting tools to analyze both Enterprise Data and Big Data residing in single proven database.

  • IncreasingROI

    ...that yields unbelievable results while reducing TCO by 90% and increasing your ROI

    Performing previously impossible cross-analysis of Enterprise and Big Data yields unbelievable Real-Time results that can improve revenue, monitor smartmeters, detect breaches in security - all at multi-PetaByte scale and while reducing TCO by 90% compared to other enterprise or open-source solutions.

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Flash News

  • UDAS Big Data Solution certified to 30 PB >

    December 19, 2014. BMMsoft Inc. have completed certification and validation of new UDAS Solution in December 2014. UDAS is offered in five different preconfigured models. For more information about all UDAS Models contact your local BMMSoft representative.

  • World Record: 12 PB Data Warehouse >

    The award-winning system stored 12 PB of data and 200 Trillion records and achieved loading speed of over 1 Billion records per second using BMMsoft Ultra Compression Module. For more information about all UDAS systems read the full release.

  • Federated UDAS® 9 Big BI >

    Federated UDAS® 9 Big BI San Francisco, Calif., April 8, 2013 – BMMsoft Corporation today announced the availability of Federated UDAS® 9 Big BI Solution that combines multiple UDAS® platforms into one larger, fully integrated system.
  • UDAS® available on Hadoop >

    UDAS® available on Hadoop UDAS® 9.1 on Hadoop supports Big Data’s popular platform at very low per-TB price.

  • UDAS® 9.1 on HP’s HP-UX Servers >

    UDAS® 9.1 on HP’s HP-UX Servers UDAS® 9.1 enables existing BI and Data Warehouse running on HP-UX® to instantly include Big Data with minimal or no programming effort – and at record low price well under $10,000 per TB.

  • World’s Fastest Big Data >

    BMMsoft Announces World’s Fastest Big Data loading and Indexing solution using HP ProLiant DL 980.

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Case Study 1

  • 320,000+ employees
  • Initial Business problem: Real-Time Email & Document Archiving & Alerting
  • Additional, free-of-charge-benefit is Email and Document Retention and Scheduled Deletion

Case Study 2

  • Litigation between major Telecom and Internet Registry required cross-analysis of credit card payments and email communication
  • See Case Study paper

Case Study 3

  • 4,000 employee company
  • Initial business problem: File Archiving
  • Additional, free-of-charge benefits:
    • Compliance & Retention for emails, Documents, Financial DB
    • Inclusion of Emails/SMS/fax and Voice into Customer Analysis for Call Center

BMMSoft UDAS 1006 offers the highest data scalability and the lowest cost per-TB-of-data fully indexed for analytics using standard SQL, Enterprise tools i.e .Business Objects, Cognos, Microstrategy, Tableaus, Pentaho etc.


UDAS’s advanced Xeon technology and converged infrastructure, UDAS offers unmatched data loading speed of up to 40 TB per hour per node.

BMMSoft provides unique customer experience with converged infrastructure, single point support, upgrade and updates and a dedicated team of technical engineers is available for Premium 24x7 support.