BMMSoft UDAS: The World's First Unified Big Data Solution

BMMsoft Overview

Leading the Way in Delivering Cost-effective Real-time Information Discovery and Analysis

Based in Silicon Valley, BMMsoft creates software that enables business decision makers to quickly and cost-effectively discover, access and analyze all enterprise data, thereby giving them the complete picture needed to make fully informed decisions.

Unrivaled Cross-data Access and Analysis

BMMsoft's flagship product is EDMT® Server, which enables decision makers to quickly and easily search, discover and analyze all enterprise data regardless of its format. By using EDMT® Server, you can get the full value of your enterprise information so that you can:

  • Identify breaches in corporate security or violations of corporate governance policy
  • Alert key stake holders of potential fraud, threat or intellectual property loss
  • Monitor consumer perceptions (blog activities, web surveys, emails with customer service) and how this market feedback correlates with product sales and customer inquiries

Cost-effectively meet all regulatory compliance related to records classification and retention

The Power of Partnership

With an international user base and platform support including Sun, IBM and HP, EDMT® Server has proven to be the unified real-time analytic archive of choice for now and the future. BMMsoft is a technology partner of Sybase, Netezza and Oracle.

Experienced Management and Advisors

Based in Silicon Valley, BMMsoft is led by a team of seasoned executive managers and software technology experts. BMMsoft is a privately-held California corporation.