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BMMsoft Announces World’s Fastest Big Data Loading and Indexing solution using HP ProLiant DL 980

EDMT® Solution on HP ProLiant DL 980 is the industry’s fastest Real-Time Big Data Ingest and Indexing engine for Big Data at 14 TB per hour using preconfigured, certified EDMT® Solution XL

San Francisco, California, 04-Nov, 2011 – BMMsoft Corporation, today announced that EDMT® Solution using single HP ProLiant DL 980 system has achieved an ingest and indexing speed of Big Data of more than 14 TB/hour- the fastest of any single-rack solution. This combination is the industry’s most powerful large scale solution – certified to more than 1 petabyte (PB) of data - enabling today’s leading enterprises to collect, index, manage and cross-analyze all data in real-time in a single EDMT® Solution.

BMMsoft EDMT® Solution on HP ProLiant DL980 fully utilizes the performance, reliability and scalability of the DL 980 for real-time collection, indexing, access and analysis of both structured data (i.e. database records) and unstructured data such as emails, documents and multi-media files.

We are very excited about our relationship with HP and believe the combination of EDMT® Solution and HP ProLiant DL 980 offers exactly the right functionality to deliver unprecedented value for our customers,” said Paul Krneta, CTO of BMMsoft. “Together with HP, we create a high performance and very cost efficient solution for storage and analysis of all data types.

Email, documents, multi-media, web content and database transactions contain critical business insight. Unfortunately, unstructured content has historically been stored in static archival and document silos, while database transactions were stored in Data Warehouses, and there was no technology for unified storage and fast cross-analysis of all data. To offer even higher performance, EDMT® Solution and can connect up to 192 HP ProLiant DL980 servers and 40 PB (40,000 TB) of storage in a system that can store, index and process data dozens of times faster than competing solutions.

As the volume of ‘Big Data’ continues to grow at an exponential rate, now more than ever enterprises need to speed data loading and indexing in order to capitalize on the business and competitive advantages of data analytics,” said Steve Saltwick, director of Business Critical Solutions, HP. “By leveraging the power of HP Converged Infrastructure, the EDMT Solutions on the HP DL980 allows organizations to analyze data in real-time, driving competitive advantage.

The combination of the EDMT® Solution and HP ProLiant DL 980 aggregates and transforms all types of data into a format that can be stored and managed by a single analytic data repository, Sybase IQ. Using patented parallel ingest processes and proprietary real-time indexing methods, EDMT® Solution automatically tags and creates metadata for the ingested content and stores this metadata in the EDMT® Solution at speeds necessary to handle Big Data. Resulting unified data can then be accessed, managed and analyzed using a common user interface or standard business reporting tools such as SAP Business Objects®.

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Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, BMMsoft is a leading provider of Real-Time Analytic Archive software that automates the storing, integration, management and analysis of Big Data. Its flagship product, EDMT® Solution, is in use by commercial and government organizations in the United States, Europe and Asia to store, access and analyze very high volumes of both unstructured and structured data from within a single relational database for Social Network Analysis, Fraud Detection, eDiscovery, Customer Analysis, Security Threat Analysis, Compliance etc. EDMT® Solution delivers up to 1000X the performance at one-tenth the cost of alternative solutions. For more information visit

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