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BMMsoft Announces EDMT Solution 9.0 on MySQL for Small and Medium Enterprises

EDMT® 9.0 is a Big Data Solution with that requires no programming, offers Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid deployment to solve Big Data problems for small and medium enterprise

San Francisco, Calif., January 25, 2012 – BMMsoft Corporation today announced the availability of high-speed EDM® 9 for small and medium enterprise that can be deployed instantly and without programming needed by other Big Data systems. EDMT 9 performs real-time acquisition, indexing, access and cross-analysis of both structured data (i.e. database records) and unstructured data such as emails, documents and multimedia files.

“The combination of EDMT® 9, commodity Linux servers, MySQL and flexible Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid deployment offers the functionality previously available only to large corporations at the right price to small and medium enterprises who don’t have large development teams nor time for long deployments” said Paul Krneta, CTO of BMMsoft. “We have built the world’s largest database – 1 Petabyte in size - in 2008 and world’s fastest Big Data loader in 2011, and with EDMT 9 we’ve made that technology affordable and available to a much wider customer base to solve their Big Data problem.”

Social networks, email, SMS, documents, multi-media, web content and database transactions contain critical insight and enable multi-channel analytics, reporting, litigations, audit, fraud detection, compliance and forensic analysis. Historically, solutions that can provide such functionality were out of reach for small enterprise who did not have the expertise, large programming teams nor budgets. Mobile users have full and secure access to EDMT Solution 9 using a variety of mobile devices.

“We have been applying Big Data technology from BMMsoft over last 3 years to some of our most complex cases and litigation matters. As the volume and variety of ‘Big Data’ continues to grow at an exponential rate, small enterprises need a cost-effective solution more than ever to meet legal, audit, fraud detection and regulatory requirements,”

said Perry Narancic, partner at Narancic & Katzman, PC, a law firm specializing in litigation and electronic discovery.

EDMT 9 uses patented parallel ingest processing and proprietary real-time indexing methods to automatically tag, create metadata and ingest an entire data set into EDMT® 9 at speeds necessary to handle Big Data by small and medium enterprises. Resulting unified data can then be accessed and analyzed using common reporting, audit, search and litigation tools, as well as advanced tools such as SAP Business Objects®.

About BMMsoft

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, BMMsoft is a leading provider of Real-Time Big Data Analytic software that automates the storing, integration, management and analysis of Big Data. Its flagship product, EDMT® Solution, is in use by commercial and government organizations in the United States, Europe and Asia to store, access and analyze very high volumes of unstructured and structured data from within a single database for Social Network Analysis, Fraud Detection, eDiscovery, Business Reporting, Security Threat Analysis, Compliance etc. EDMT® 9 Solution delivers up to 1000X the performance at one-tenth the cost of alternative solutions. For more information visit

Paul Krneta, CTO, BMMsoft – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.