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BMMsoft Federated EDMT® 9 integrates multiple EDMT® systems into a single system

Federated EDMT® 9 improves scalability and integrates stand-alone EDMT® running on different databases

San Francisco, Calif., April 8, 2013 – BMMsoft Corporation today announced the availability of Federated EDMT® 9 Big BI Solution that combines multiple EDMT® platforms into one larger, fully integrated system

Federated EDMT® tightly integrates multiple EDMT® systems into one larger EDMT® system with virtually unlimited scalability, performance and reliability. In addition, Federated EDMT® allows stand-alone EDMT® systems to run on any of the supported databases (SAP Sybase IQ, SAP HANA, Hadoop, Oracle, Exadata, IBM Netezza and MySQL) to provide data integration, cross-search, information lifecycle management and data migration between those databases. Federated EDMT® simplifies integration of EDMT® systems with existing enterprise BI and Data Warehouse, without the cost and complexity of data and application migration.

Federated EDMT® 9 enables optimal real-time data acquisition, indexing and cross-analysis of multi-channel data of any type by using in-memory database for real-time, critical data and on-disk database for large, multi-petabyte data sets which may be impractical to store in memory. Data can be routed to a EDMT® instance with resources and functionality to optimally store and process given data set.

“The Federated EDMT® 9 solution offers all of the advanced features of standalone EDMT 9 and combines them into larger and richer Federated system with unsurpassed scalability, integration with high efficiency. Using Federated EDMT® 9, customers get platform with built-in reliability, unmatched flexibility ability to handle any type of processing” said Paul Krneta, CTO of BMMsoft. “We have built the World’s Largest Big Data Database (1 Petabyte in size) in 2008 and the World’s Fastest Data loader in 2011, and with Federated EDMT® 9 we have unified all flavors of EDMT® into a single, large EDMT system”.

“By having different EDMT systems in Federated EDMT®, customer can route data to EDMT instance that can best process it. Customers can configure EDMT instances optimized for Social Network analysis or BI or connectivity to legacy systems, to mention a few. For organizations trying to integrate BI, Data Warehouse, Big Data and legacy systems, Federated EDMT® offers the solution based on enterprise-class products, many of which are already deployed in BI, ERP or other departments, thus minimizing integration and maintenance cost.” continued Krneta.

Social networks, email, SMS, documents, multi-media, web content and database transactions contain critical insight and enable multi-channel analytics, BI reporting, litigations, audit, fraud detection, compliance and forensic analysis. Historically, solutions that can provide such functionality were out of reach of many enterprises without the expertise, large programming teams and budgets.

“If an organization is planning on undertaking any BI or Big Data projects and trying to make sense of the vast technology landscape, then EDMT® has to be at the top of the list. Our customers are beginning to look a little deeper into the time to ramp up to an ROI and longer term costs associated with some of these technologies. When you start to look at the hard and soft costs of the technology, skill-set and process solution triangle it becomes abundantly clear that free, open-source and commodity hardware does not typical equal cost effective. Customers can utilize the same skills they have invested in for years while receiving benefits like; Reduce Costs through higher productivity, Reduced legacy software and storage costs, New real-time business insights for fraud, Compliance, Marketing, Sales and others. EDMT® enables transformation without disruption, which is the real power. Now with Federated EDMT® organizations can greatly increase the value and performance of Big Data solutions” said Vincent Belanger, VP of IM at Net Direct Systems.

EDMT 9.1 uses patented parallel ingest processing and proprietary real-time indexing methods to automatically tag, create metadata and ingest an entire data set into EDMT® 9 at speeds necessary to handle Big Data by even the largest enterprises. Resulting unified data can then be accessed and analyzed using common reporting, search and visualization tools.

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