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BI Consulting firm SESIdw partners with BMMSoft to tackle Real-Time Information Analysis & Discovery

SESIdw- IT consulting services firm, increase product & service offerings partnering with Guinness World Record holder BMMSoft-World's largest DW of real-time search of structured & unstructured data

According to a TDWI, "virtually every organization is facing rapid data volume growth, with typical data volumes increasing at a rate of one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half times a year. In network-centric areas such as social networks, content delivery, security, and others, data can be increasing at a rate as high as ten times a year.

With data growth rates significantly higher than the rate at which hardware is getting faster; Moore’s law cannot keep up with the flood of data.

In conjunction with data volume growth, organizations are under increasing pressure to make decisions more quickly. To make matters even more challenging, increasingly sophisticated analyses must be applied over more detailed and complex information. The combination of these three forces has created a ‘perfect storm’ in which the traditional approaches to data analytics’ scalability and performance have become increasingly untenable."

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