BMMSoft UDAS: The World's First Unified Big Data Solution

Multi-site Replicator

Multi-site Replicator (MSR) propagates inbound data stream (emails, documents, multimedia and database transactions) to one or multiple sites (local or remote) for purpose of Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity or just a replication to remote location.

Remote replication to multiple sites uses separate channel (one or more) for each replication target. Each channel operates in real-time but, yet independently from each other. That ensures that problems with one or more replication targets or channels will not impact replication to working replication channels. Replication to sites that have “fallen behind” will automatically resume from the failure point and will eventually catch up with working sites.

Real-time replication to remote sites uses data compression and (opt.) encryption to reduce bandwidth requirements, lower the data transfer cost and protect data being transferred. Latency between primary site and secondary site(s) can be configured to be as low as 2 seconds.

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