BMMSoft UDAS: The World's First Unified Big Data Solution

Archiving and Retention

EDMT® Solution is the industry leader in scalability, speed and efficiency when it comes to email, content and database archiving, retention and analysis. Using the most technologically advanced and scalable architecture (certified to over 1 Petabyte of data, structured, unstructured and mixed), EDMT® Solution enables companies to automatically capture, index and store data, enforce retention (with infinite hold), while reducing storage costs by over 90% and not requesting help from IT.

In addition to day to daily archival and retention responsibilities, EDMT® Solution supports Legal and Risk Management Departments (Audit, Fraud, Investigation, Security) to perform litigation eDiscovery, Audit and Investigation tasks, while automatically placing relevant records on hold. EDMT® Solution enables legal teams to instantly perform Early Case Assessment by using self-service interface without IT help, thus speeding up legal and RIM response, reducing Legal and RIM risk and lowering per-case cost.

The most demanding type of eDiscovery and RIM (over 30% of all cases) require search and cross-analysis of both unstructured and structured data using both textual and numeric search– task that conventional archive systems (focused on storing emails and files for textual search) can not do well.
EDMT® Solution is a natural fit for this problem because it was designed from ground up to store and index both structured data (i.e. database records from CRM, ERP) and unstructured data (emails, document, multimedia, blogs etc) for cross-analysis using textual and SQL analytics, thus offering unique and unmatched ability to solve those tasks.

EDMT® Solution helps companies close the gap between new demands, technology and policies in order to eliminate the risk associated with non-compliance or not finding evidence. Archiving with EDMT® Solution is an efficient, advanced and defensible discovery process that handle the most challenging and unique requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Massive Data scalability – certified to 1 Petabyte of data: that corresponds to 10 Billion Emails (100 KB each). Emails or 1 trillion SMS or 6 Trillion typ. Databases records or any mix of it.
  • Capturing data at rapid pace and in real time: EDMT® Solution captures and indexes data at over 1 TB per hour (equivalent to 10 Million typical emails or 1 Billion SMS or 10 billion database transaction – per hour)
  • Low data latency: new email or document of transactions will be stored, indexed and ready for analysis in under 3 seconds
  • Fast search and analysis : any pin-point search or cross-search will find results in sub-second response time
  • Seamless End User Experience – EDMT® Solution offers seamless access to data from existing tools (Outlook, Browser, Mobile devices)
  • Self-Service Electronic Discovery and Risk Management - Provides advanced search and cross-analytics, legal hold and bulk tagging. Relevant items are easily preserved and provided to the requesting party though an auditable export process Simplified Installation and Administration – EDMT® Solution comes fully installed and ready to be up and running in minutes with easy day-to-day management
  • PST and .NSF Migration – Automatically locates and ingests .PST and .NSF files into the archive to accelerate e-discovery and reduce storage costs, eliminate backup windows and reduce legal risk
  • API Layer to enable applications to access and analyze data stored in EDMT® Solution to perform search and cross-analysis of structured and unstructured data